Drew Thomas Browne

Last and certainly not least

Watching you heart sputters

All your coos and random mutters

Eating that eraser, swinging those hips

Coloring your picture, best kissing lips

Lifes true wonder, lifes coolest meme

Fluorescent light, decorative machine

To my sweetest Drew. Keep swinging those hips big boy, you are the light💛

I’m Not a Little Girl

Here’s our little D slime experimenting

Realizing I’m no longer a little girl

No need to come to the big games

Puberty embarrassments and shames

Felt wrong when you don’t know why

your here and they’re not, anxiety shy

Soon the rocks would start to skip

Longer, further seeking a faith rip

A breakthrough building splash

Blocking worries into a prayer stash

Now all I have is hope and dreams and

what floats inside and burst my seams

No longer seeking validation or love

Not a little girl, a mother rising above

To my little sweet D.M.B. who has given me courage and reminds me to live every moment to the fullest🙌

♡Soft Ram

Our youngest sweet boy Drew

To Alex who still has my heart over the years and keeps me drooling🙌

Sleeping lamb, resting spirit

Nurturing songs, calming lyrics

Independent original outlook

Slightly backwards, dyslexic book

Revelations embedded at the start

Intuition pulsing, his OG ram heart

Unique perspective fresh statement

Rejuvenating pleasantly impaient

Just to participate in his presence

Fairytales galore white picket fence

Love you big guy to the moon

🙌Daddys Girl🙌

Picture day for EnH xmas card

Terminally ill for more than half my years. Remembering the day Mom shared our biggest fears.

Mom had just sent us on a father daughter trip, nationals before mentioning his slip.

Did I note we won Portland in an athletic sweep, rush home to celebrate instead greeted with defeat.

Standing in the hall by the laundry room my face begins to melt. “He’s fine” crying understanding and hurting empty hands folded, knelt.

Truth is nothing’d ever be the same, next year Mom joined the cancer game. Hard on her that beast, picked her raw. Holding hands in chemo is what I saw.

Two love birds making their mark starting with the nurses and doctors they’d embark.

Together they both be poked and prodded bruised and thin while they listened and nodded.

Turns out heaven wanted one but not the other and left us here with him not his lover.

Always will be a Daddy’s girl, the way he loved my mother made my world. Hard watching love being separated thankful for all the riches she created

Miss you Mom, LOVE YOU DAD🙌🧡 Thanks for always telling me to do my best and reminding me all my value.

Circles and squares

My buddy pickle counting

Trying to grasp some understandings of speech at 3 and all the benefits. A short poem for my middle buddy Will making it happen and finding himself.

You make a circle fit into a square

I will not bare a circle in a square

But not all things fit exact, this so true

We’ve always known not to make zoo

What happens when forced into space

Will all be stretched out of their place

Keep going little buddy we all see the glow inside you special boy! Keep shining we love hearing you spit out all the words you can imagine☀️🧡

Little bro thinks circles fit in squares!🙌🧡

8 seconds

Last nights game turned off early.  Apparently we missed a ridiculous brawl that broke out 8 seconds left Steelers Brownes game. The crowd and commentators were alarmed at what was displayed.  Seems to be little appropriate entertainment anymore.  That being said nothing like a good “touch my quarter back and you’ll be sorry blood bath.”  Behave boys.